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Losing weight alternatively and with no exercise – is it possible?

Two months ago I got a very interesting healing request from Jonathan. He asked me whether I could help him lose some of his weight. With his BMI being 28.0, definitely he was not belonging to the category of people that BMI calculator labels as obese, he was just in the upper range of overweight. His requirements were the following: “Please help me lose 10kg. I don’t want to exercise in order to lose weight. I am not willing to buy any special dietary supplements that support weightloss. I want to achieve a weightloss in 3 months and do it in a healthy and smart way.”. What at first looked like an impossible task, later turned out to it be easier than either Jonathan or me would have expected. More details in the article. Read More


Improving family relationships

Every family is different and is made up of different people who have different needs, ideas and ways of how they are expressing themselves. Getting on well with each other isn’t always easy. My client Janette could talk hours about it and her difficulties to settle problems with family relationships. After she announced to her parents that she was not willing to visit churches any more, her parents changed their behaviour and started giving her signals in a meaning that she was no longer part of their family. To make things worse, at the same time her sister decided to become extremely involved with Christianity. This also didn’t help Janette and more or less supported her parents’ vision about what she was good for Janette in regards of religious matters. Janette asked me if I could help her get rid of family karma, reocurring negative patterns of her parents behaviour so she could finally experience in her life more freedom, joy and independence. Read More


Electronics going wrong, Bad luck, Depression

“Since I started playing with my new band, weird things have started to happen in my life – almost all of my mechanical and electronic devices went wrong, broke and needed special repair. Bad luck was that was mainly happening just some time before I needed to go to the stage to do the performance – to play at the concert. I am feeling a bit depressed because of that, I don’t currently know what I should think about it. Is it a signal the Universe is giving me or have I been cursed?” Read More