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Brain diagnostics – Joe

After reaching age of 50, Joe noticed a major change in his intellectual power. He asked me if I could take a look and try to evaluate why this had happened and if there was something he could do to reverse it. I decided to perform a brain diagnostics of Joe’s brain to find out what was going on. Read More

Losing weight alternatively and with no exercise – is it possible?

Two months ago I got a very interesting healing request from Jonathan. He asked me whether I could help him lose some of his weight. With his BMI being 28.0, definitely he was not belonging to the category of people that BMI calculator labels as obese, he was just in the upper range of overweight. His requirements were the following: “Please help me lose 10kg. I don’t want to exercise in order to lose weight. I am not willing to buy any special dietary supplements that support weightloss. I want to achieve a weightloss in 3 months and do it in a healthy and smart way.”. What at first looked like an impossible task, later turned out to it be easier than either Jonathan or me would have expected. More details in the article. Read More

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Health diagnostics – why is it needed?

Reiki, SRT, Karuna-Ki, Matrix Energetics, Shamballa, Reconnective healing, Theta healing, Quantum healing are just a few examples of alternative healing modalities that are currently widely available and can help you address your health issues by other than conventional means. When you decide to undergo an alternative treatment, you usually approach a healer capable of performing any of the mentioned therapies and share with him your symptoms. Healer then initiates the healing process according to the specifics of the healing modality. However, only a few healers, before they start working with you, perform a health diagnostics of you. Read More

Digestive system diagnostics – Ted

Ted contacted me and asked whether I could do for him a remote extrasensory diagnostics of his digestive system. He was having some minor digestive problems lately and wanted to be sure that nothing serious was going on. Well, to his suprise, the results indicated several issues that he should treat in order to prevent these issues from developing into more serious ones. Read More

Health diagnostics – Douglas

Douglas asked me to do a health diagnostics for him even though he was aware that he hadn’t been suffering from any major health problems. The approach he chose was to invest his time and energy into his healing before any illness would have a chance of poping up. His diagnostics was indeed very interesting – several health issues were identified, nothing serious, but definitely something that shouldn’t be neglected. Read More


Health Diagnostics – Tanya

One of my clients, Tanya, asked me for help in regards of her health. She suffers from various illnesses – she has migraines, sinus headaches, discoid lupus/eczema, has a history of endometriosis and pneumonias and purple gums. I did a remote scan of her body and organs and found a lot of disharmonies that she needs to address one by one in order to become fit. Read More