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Losing weight alternatively and with no exercise – is it possible?

Two months ago I got a very interesting healing request from Jonathan. He asked me whether I could help him lose some of his weight. With his BMI being 28.0, definitely he was not belonging to the category of people that BMI calculator labels as obese, he was just in the upper range of overweight. His requirements were the following: “Please help me lose 10kg. I don’t want to exercise in order to lose weight. I am not willing to buy any special dietary supplements that support weightloss. I want to achieve a weightloss in 3 months and do it in a healthy and smart way.”. What at first looked like an impossible task, later turned out to it be easier than either Jonathan or me would have expected. More details in the article. Read More

Why a meal plan prepared by a dietary advisor is often wrong?

I have generally nothing against nutrition and dietary advisors, but they are most often wrong with what kind of food they recommend you to eat. Why? Because the meal plans they prepare are based on 2 wrong assumptions. Read More