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Which 6 factors are responsible for putting on extra weight?

Do you know which 2 health topics are the most complicated and difficult to cure? Cancer being the first and weightloss and maintenance of optimal weight being the second. Let’s take a closer look to the second one and evaluate which 6 factors have major influence on you and your weight. Read More

Digestive system diagnostics – Ted

Ted contacted me and asked whether I could do for him a remote extrasensory diagnostics of his digestive system. He was having some minor digestive problems lately and wanted to be sure that nothing serious was going on. Well, to his suprise, the results indicated several issues that he should treat in order to prevent these issues from developing into more serious ones. Read More

Why a meal plan prepared by a dietary advisor is often wrong?

I have generally nothing against nutrition and dietary advisors, but they are most often wrong with what kind of food they recommend you to eat. Why? Because the meal plans they prepare are based on 2 wrong assumptions. Read More